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I'll soon have images of other colors and design variations.
These vases come with a very heavy pin frog that allows for large and dramatic arrangements and that is removable for easy cleaning. In fact the porcelain vase can be put through the dishwasher.

They are very strong and will ship well. the cost is $32 each plus.

For additional pieces, the s & h remains at $0. There is no extra cost.

Porcelain Ikebana Vase

Ikebana is the Japanese word for flower arrangement. Use the pin frog (or kenzan) to arrange cut flowers, branches, grasses or silks to make beautiful presentations. Or use it to grow the popular lucky bamboo. In Japan the venerable art can have very specific rules concerning what is beautiful and what different flowers mean, you can westernize it and create what pleases you. If you would like to know more about the Japanese techniques, try the web site
Porcelain is clay that is very similar to stoneware in that it is hard and durable and fired to temperatures that make it vitreous (waterproof). It is normally white and in some formulations will be translucent where thin.
Each piece of porcelain was made by me on a potter’s wheel and fired in a gas kiln to over 2300 degrees F. My glaze decoration is achieved by layering glazes on top of each other. As an artist/craftsman creating both functional and non-functional art, I encourage you to continue to look for objects that come directly from the hands of individual artists. Enrich your life with work that has the uniqueness of a human hand directly involved in all the intricacies of its creation. I know that you will find such a piece more meaningful than a mass produced one.